Biohacking? Here is a quick Guide to follow

Have you heard about biohacking? One thing for sure, it has nothing to do with IT or other stuff related to computer.

Biohacking is one of the trends that have recently been gaining popularity. As the name implies, biohacking is the combination of IT knowledge and biological systems to optimize performance, body, and mind.

It might sound too technical, but actually, most of us biohack on daily basis, probably without our knowledge. When we are trying to consume more fruits and vegetables, drink eight glasses of water, or sleep for at least eight hours a night, that’s when we are biohacking our body.

According to Mark Moschel, CTO of Factor75, a delivery service for nutrient-dense, chef-prepared meals, “biohacking” is considered the human effort to be your own best self. This means using your own biology as well as what’s consumed for energy and nutrition to the best possible outcome. Dave Asprey, creator of Bulletproof Coffee says that biohacking is how to “hack your own biology… and [gain] control of systems in your body you would never have access to.”

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