How to Buy the Best Anti-Aging Supplements

Finding the Best Anti-Aging Supplements That Aren’t BS

If you’re taking a load of pills while ignoring food, you’re doing it wrong—they’re called supplements for a reason. “If you just take a pill and don’t eat properly, you won’t get all the benefits, which is why I like to introduce supplements not only into a nutritional program but also into a dietary program,” says Richard Firshein, D.O., Founder of Firshein Center for Integrative Medicine. Consider supplements as a way to top off a healthy lifestyle.

You also shouldn’t look at supplements as a means to make your skin look the same way it did 10 years ago. Instead of thinking about anti-aging supplements in terms of your skin or body “looking” younger, think about these additives as something that can improve your health and promote longevity, says Dr. Firshein. Working with a nutritionist or physician will always get you the best results for your specific needs, but you may want to consider keeping these promising options on your radar.

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